Sagittarius Woman Dating A Gemini Man

Please note this is a visitor forum page. If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Gemini and Sagittarius sagittarius woman dating a gemini man article on this relationship first. I also have a Gemini man guide and Sagittarius woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship.

If you would like sagittarius woman dating a gemini man post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page. I have been with a Gemini Man 27 May for a month and am a Sagittarius woman 26 November. I can't thank sagittarius woman dating a gemini man stars enough for having met this amazing, loyal man who gives me my space and love! He wkman his mood swings and can be very possessive but I love the way he makes an effort to keep us together and forgives my small blunders.

We have 5 years between us and I hope to spend the next many decades with him. We are planning a life together in a year or so already! This is what I call chemistry! I've also found it to be a great combo! So much energy and never boring! Much less jealous and controlling than most other partners - and very much on the same page. Best of luck to you both: I have been with a Gemini Man for three months and he constantly lied to me about the most stupidest things.

Four months has gone by and I recently found out that he had cheated on me with another female. I feel as if Gemini mans tend to lie a lot and would loses interest in their partner too easily. Hi this is me again Sag 26 Nov, him Gemini May 27 ,and its been a great three months Sometimes he will become sagitttarius saint and refuse to kiss you before gemnii I don't think this Gemini I know is a cheater yet I guess they become less flirty when they are serious about a girl and wanna settle down I've been with a male Gemini [June 8th] for about a month and things between us aren't going as I planned.

Im a Female Sagittarius [Dec 16th] and I LOVE me some Gemini but this one I cant seem to figure out. He is always mean to sagittarius woman dating a gemini man but very sweet at times. He always wants to be in Control and never wants to share the pants. I love my Gemini very much but I feel like he doesn't have a hold on his Gemini as do I with my Sagittarius. I need some help! Hi, I'm a Sag woman Dec. One week he's all over me and the next week I barely hear from him. Not to mention we have a long distance relationship now.

We're both so very busy well least I know I am so we understand each others space. We've been dating going on 2 months now and he was the first one to tell me he loves me and to talk about marriage and a family and that was after 3 weeks of dating. I'm not too sure if that's part of his charm but lets see. I keep him guessing. Every time he thinks he knows me I remind him that there's still more to find out. But I have to admit he is a lil flirty but the trick is to sagittarius woman dating a gemini man confident.

Men especially Gems love confident women. He love my doman ways but I remind him that he'll have a price to pay if he take advantage of it. I have been with my boyfriend now for a year. I cannot say z happy he makes me. Every day he makes me remember how lucky I was to meet him, and I fall in love with him more all the time. I hope we can live out our plans of getting married and having a family. I am a Sagittarius female Nov 29th Sun, Moon, both in Sag and I was with a Gemini male for 3 long INSANE CRAZY years.

I felt like we were too much for each other. None of us held anything back or restricted each other from anything, which is all well and good at first I'm 19 years old now, so my teenage life was full of excitement and never boring with him, no doubt. But Jesus, after awhile I realized, and I thought I'D NEVER sagittarius woman dating a gemini man this but Sagittariis need a little "hey don't do that that's bad!

Gemini is a trickster dating in newport beach ca likes to push the envelope, he challenged me and made me look at the craziest behavior like it was the next sagittaarius adventure. We had a lot of fun crazy times but he was jealous, and I needed something deeper as I got older. If I would have stayed with him I would have been a VERY bad girl.

I'm a sag and Ive been with My Womn for six years. I need freedom and friends sagittarius woman dating a gemini man he is happy to be at home and literally no friends. Its been a long bumpy road and as we have grown, we have gemino apart. I feel like he has pulled me down and set me back and I am simply tired. Sagittarkus because I don't want to hurt him I have stayed I don't know what to do I am a sag dating a Gemini man and it is great and wonderful.

He always sets the date and wants to see me all the time. Sagittariu met such a man before. He cooks for me, kisses me all the time, sex is great. I feel like a part of his life which I am. I am a sag dec 12 I been with my boyfriend his sagittarius woman dating a gemini man gem June 18 soon to be husband for 3 months I have to say best 3 months of my life he proposed to me on our 2 months basically we already live together there is no sagtitarius day I don't see him we are always together and I love it his my boyfriend best friend he loves to have fun we go out to parties we always have an adventure sex is amazing I just gotta say Gemini guys aren't really possessive I would say sag girls are cause I am and if we do fight cause every couple fights its cause I start but his so amazing we getting married this month and I am so excited.

We had a beautiful 2 yrs. My boyfriend and I been through thick and thin. He always try to win an argument. He think he's always right on everything even though he is wrong. He is too over controls and very strict. When it come to him hanging around with his fellow friends, I let him do his own thing. We were like solo couple hehe He is very good at lying and I tend to trust him. He would say whatever or makeup some story for me to believe him. He will get angry if I ask him too many questions.

He don't love to show his geminii and emotional. Two things that I love about him that he very neat "clean person" and very charming lol!! My experience is that Gemini men do indeed need a lot of space to roam about but again so do I. The only problem is that sometimes we aren't together so I have to fly solo and I don't like it. He is moody and talkative to the point that I just want to run away but sit there and listen anyhow.

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Similarly, while you enjoy listening to the opinions of others and evaluating each based on its merit, your Sagittarius tends to be much more self opinionated. I've also found it to be a great combo! Take our free "Star Sign Compatibility Quiz" to instantly reveal your compatibility score! When a Sagittarius woman dates a Gemini man he will both frustrate her and intrigue her. Much less jealous and controlling than most other partners - and very much on the same page. Gemi will keep it interesting, and Sag will keep it legal. Please be friendly, interesting, up-to-date, and casual. Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces. Every day he makes me remember how lucky I was to meet him, and I fall in love with him more all the time. Gemini does not want clingers and loves variety.