What Is The Oldest Carbon Dating

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Please cite all facts with citation links or references from trustable sources. Editors continuously recheck submissions and claims. Gtho4, Terry, satguru, CmdrK, LadyNym, nautilator, postcards2go, McGruff. Goto Qn Archives What is the oldest carbon dated natural object on planet earth, and has any foreign matter meteorite been found to be older? Last updated What is the oldest carbon dating 19 Originally posted Oct 18 07 4: Arpeggionist 14 year member answers Vote for this answer.

Carbon dating is a problematic thing. What is measured is what is the oldest carbon dating amount of degraded carbon, an isotope of carbon found in living things, and the half-life is a relatively short one only a few thousand years. Carbon dating can only be used to date organic material, or material from once living beings, and what is the oldest carbon dating only effective to a point up to about 40, years.

Greenland's ice cores can date much of the Earth's history further back than that. The method normally used for dating rocks and older objects is uranium dating - measuring the amount of uranium that has degraded into lead. This was the method used by Claire Patterson in for dating the earth, which he actually accomplished by dating meteors that hit the earth. From this he figured the age of our planet to be in the area of 4.

Found the page I needed. Claire Patterson got me there. Register New Player - Log In. Questions and Answers Answers toFascinating Questions. What is the oldest carbon dated natural object on planet earth, and has any foreign matter meteorite been found to be older? Oct 18 07, 8: Get a new mixed Fun Trivia what is the oldest carbon dating each day in your email.

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What is the oldest carbon dated natural object on planet earth, and has any foreign matter (meteorite) been found to be older?

He had dated this scroll to the 17th century with a question mark. Before we get into the details of how radiometric dating methods are used, we need to review some preliminary concepts from chemistry. Helen Thompson writes about science and culture for Smithsonian. SIGN UP for our newsletter. David Thomas, a theological researcher at the University of Birmingham, told Sean Coughlan of the BBC that the author of the parchment could have easily known Muhammad or seen him preach. In addition to the above assumptions, dating methods are all subject to the geologic column date to verify their accuracy. On his blog The New Oxonian , theological historian R.