Dating A Girl With Mental Health Issues

We have a wide range of personalities, relationship needs, and baggage, just like people without mental illness. However, here are a few things that are helpful to keep in mind. This list is designed for folks who are dating someone who has mental illness, either something they knew about when they started dating or something that came up after they began dating. Nothing can replace straightforward communication. Ask dating a girl with mental health issues what challenges they commonly run across, and how you can help.

You can help make it more of a two-way street by offering some challenges you have, or things you are particularly sensitive about. For example, if your partner is prone to anxiety attacks, they may want to avoid going on dates in places likely to provoke such attacks, or they may ask you to do something when they have an attack such as reassuring them, or just sitting with them until it passes. It led to an awkward situation, but after we discussed it menhal next day, we were able to avoid me worsening the situation like that again.

It only required a slight shift in my behavior, and made a big difference to him. More recently, when I started dating Q, I explained to xem that my anxiety is largely tied to my dating a girl with mental health issues of abandonment and isolation. For example, a friend of mine is dating someone with borderline personality disorder BPD. All of the resources they could find about dating someone with BPD were written with this unspoken assumption that BPD is an awful, debilitating illness that makes healthy relationships impossible.

On the other hand, reading accounts by people with the same mental mental illness as your partner can be very insightful. You can learn more about their perspective on the world and the challenges they may face, and what they may need in a relationship. People with mental illness are people first. Trust your partner first and foremost, both about themselves and about their mental health. Different people with the same mental illness may have different needs, and almost certainly have some different experiences.

If you do, try to remind yourself of what you like about them and all the strong parts of your relationship. In many cases, getting a diagnosis is a good thing, not a bad thing; identifying mental illness can heaalth people manage their illness and improve their quality of life. As a society, we have a lot of assumptions about boundaries in relationships but rarely discuss them.

In my personal experience, I sometimes need or want more support out of a romantic relationship than my partner may be willing or able to give. Ultimately, my emotional needs are my responsibility. If someone is being abusive, you do not owe them a relationship and you should dating a girl with mental health issues getting out safely, regardless of whether they sating mental illness or not.

Ultimately, you need to take care of yourself. While mental illness can make relationships tough, everyone comes into a relationship with some sort of baggage. Skip to main content. Find Us On Instagram. Gitl Us On Facebook. February 24, Tags: Datingmental illnesscommunication. Communicate with your partner about their illness Nothing can replace straightforward communication.

Read up on their mental illness mindfully In many cases, getting a diagnosis is a good thing, sating a bad thing; identifying mental illness can gigl people manage their illness and improve their quality of life 4. Style Collection and the Time Inc.

‘So, you know I have bipolar?’ – the perils of dating with a mental health problem

There have been a few top class answers so far and what you all say makes sense. Welcome to BrowseMyPics Join Now! At 21 most people are self-absorbed, selfish and shortsighted. It'd be pretty hypocritical do not date someone that has the same issues we have. If I really liked her, then I'd be more than happy to go through the messy stuff with her and do everything in my power to help her get better. What a fantastic article! Not everyone has a propensity to deal with such difficulties - even if those difficulties are likely to be temporary because the mentally ill party is receiving treatment. I am an extremely interesting chap due to many hobbies and can have some good meaningful converstions but I don't go out much and as for walking up to a girl in a bar and trying to chat her up