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One of the questions asked on the initial application for Social Security disability benefits is on what date you became disabled. Disability applicants often struggle to answer to this question, especially when, as is commonly the case, their impairments didn't all begin on one day but developed over time. The choice of a disability onset date is an important one. Picking the wrong date can cost you thousands of dollars in back dating sites for fat guys, or even hurt your chances of being approved in the first place.

Here are several things to remember when deciding on your alleged onset date of disability. Even if your impairments have been present since birth, or for many years, you should allege claim an onset date that is supported by the medical evidence and your work history. Tying your onset date to a significant medical event like a hospital admission or your date of diagnosis can be a good idea.

Perhaps the most common route taken by disability applicants is to choose the date they last worked. The date you claim your disability began is known as your alleged onset date. There are two important points to keep in mind in SSDI cases. The combined effect of these rules is that you usually shouldn't select a disability onset date that is more than 17 months prior to the date you apply for SSDI.

There is nothing to be gained from trying to prove that your disability began ten years ago if Social Security won't make payments that far back. Depending on your work history, your date last insured may be before or after your filing date. You can't be paid disability benefits if you became disabled after your disability insurance ran out. Your Social Security field office will be able to supply you with your DLI if you are unsure.

Individuals who haven't worked for five of the last ten years before becoming disabled will probably dating someone on social security disability qualify for SSDI because their date last insured will be non-existent or too remote see above. If you're applying for SSI only, you can safely state your disability onset date as the date of your application. In Dating someone on social security disability cases, Social Security pays retroactive benefits only to the month after the month of your application.

So if you're applying for SSI dating someone on social security disability Julyit makes little sense to state that you became disabled in Septembersince your payments would begin in August in either case. The less time you have to prove you're disabled, the better. Those who contact Social Security before actually filing their applications sometimes have their filing date "protected," dating someone on social security disability they can use an application date prior to the day dating someone on social security disability filed for benefits.

If you're given a protective filing dateyou should use this as your disability onset date to maximize your back SSI benefits. SSDI benefits won't be paid for any month during which a person is in jail or prison, and no SSI benefits are paid for months during which a person resides in a public institution, including a state psychiatric facility, jail, or prison.

If you're a non-citizen who did not reside in the United States immediately prior to filing for disability benefits, be aware that Social Security will not pay past or current SSDI benefits to non-citizens outside the U. Performing even part-time work after your alleged onset date can complicate your disability case. It's generally best to choose an onset date that's after the last day you did any significant amount of work, unless you're sure you can prove the work counted as an unsuccessful work attempt.

While Social Security rules technically allow a person to receive unemployment and disability benefits at the same time, most ALJs are reluctant to find individuals disabled while they received unemployment. In these cases, you can use the date of a hospital or doctor's visit as your onset date, or if nothing else, the date your unemployment benefits ended.

For more information, see our article on collecting unemployment benefits when you claim disability. You're not stuck with the onset date you gave on your disability application. If your case is still at the initial level, you can notify your local Social Security field office in writing that you wish to amend your onset date. An experienced disability attorney will understand the implications of changing your disability onset date, so be sure to discuss your onset date with your lawyer.

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