Fairy Tail Dating Quiz For Guys

Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile Settings Go to page Help Terms Privacy. I've also included guys from blue pegasus guild and also enemies guys so good luck! Which Fairy Tail guy will be your boyfriend. What if the guy that you like blushes and tells you to meet him in the park but ran off fariy you can ask why? This happens during the Fighting Festival arc.

Laxus has started the Battle of Fairy Tail. What were you doing? I'm fighting my fellow guild members. I don't go easy on anybody who hurts my fairy tail dating quiz for guys. Who's ready to look at me and me alone!! I'll die without complaint. I had no idea it was Happy. That's why I will fairy tail dating quiz for guys magic from this world.

Log in to add to the discussion. Log in or sign up. What's Your Dark Japanese Name? Can you name the ANIME EYES? What Type of "Dere" are you? Which anime are you from? Ship It or Rip It Anime Edition. Ship it or Rip it 2 [ANIME EDITION]. Ship it or Rip it! Ship it or Rip it Yaoi Edition. Which Anime girl has your personality? Your anime hair color.

What 'dere' guyx are you? Ship it or rip it? What type of killer are you? What Anime Should You Be In?

Which Fairy Tail guy will be your boyfriend

Any that are just nice to me. Can you pass a kindergarten test? Ice make magic, not so advanced!! Who from Hetalia loves you? WHO DO YOU WISH TO GET?