Boyfriend Gets Emails From Dating Sites

Porn spam doesn't mean anyone did anything frlm. Everyone gets spam, and some of it is porn spam. Lack of spam doesn't imply you've been good, either. When you visit a website, the site gets a certain amount of information about you, but your email emals is not part of it. You can view all the pages you want here on Ask Leo! And I do want to, which gwts why I boyfriend gets emails from dating sites you to sign up for my newsletter. More on that in a moment. The same is true for porn sites, or for any other website, for that matter.

For the record, I do not. Simply having an email address is enough to start getting spam. The two are simply unrelated. Download right-click, Save-As Duration: Apple Podcasts Android RSS. Notenboom has been playing with boyfriend gets emails from dating sites since he was emailw to take a programming class in An 18 year career as a programmer at Microsoft soon followed.

After "retiring" inLeo started Ask Leo! Mark Jacobs Team Leo. March 21, at 2: It seems yahoo etc get more spam than lesser known providers, and more obscure names get less spam. I do have one question: It seems like gmail gets less spam bofriend boyfriend gets emails from dating sites. I know hotmail does this, sometimes with disastrous results, often blacklisting entire email providers.

October 2, at 6: I am so fed up with porn spam emails! I am a heterosexual woman and not in the slightest bit interested in penis enlargement or Russian and Asian prostitutes! I have a seven year old Granddaughter who uses my IPad regularly and is subjected dwting this filth as well! I would like to see these people in court for sending pornography to minors!

What countries put out this filth? October 3, at 8: It comes from everywhere, and unfortunately your only option is to rely on spam filters. If you are using Gmail the spam filters are pretty good. You may want to go into setting and sitse Gmail delete all spam quickly so that your Granddaughter does not run across anything in the spam folder. March 22, at 2: March 23, at 9: Another source of spam is posting your email on an open forum.

I am always baffled by the number boyfriend gets emails from dating sites people who state they a problem on a support forum and then request that then answer be emailed to them. I am the Automation Coordinator for a public library. More to the point of the question, we look for someone who is obviously seeking out porn. I registered my [3-character] domain, and [3-character] e-mail address, in the mid-Nineties when spam was unheard of.

In view of this I registered a very long e-mail address a few years ago which boyfriend gets emails from dating sites much less spam. Keep up the excellent work! March 23, boyfriend gets emails from dating sites Just take a name. Yahoo email has a very useful thing called Addressguard which allows you to create disposable email addresses which can be deleted whenever you have finished with them or whenever you start getting spam. March 23, at 6: My husband was on websites in Hawaii setting up our vacation, and aites was using my e-mail address to confirm business transactions.

The next day literally I started getting tons of porn spam to my e-mail address. A needless fight ensued. Thx for the clarification. March 24, at 5: Keep up the good work. April 13, at 9: Then when YOU reply, they get your eMail address. In this respect, systems like Kijiji. You can also help the fight by REPORTING spam. Most major eMail services have addresses to do so, most notably Abuse Aim.

ComTOSEmail1 AOL. That will catch lesser offenders, like those who respond to every ad for something with some std reply and their phone and wait for you to call THEM. The worst offenders do not use the above mentioned services and that is where SpamCop. You paste the spam message WITH FULL HEADERS and SpamCop. Com figures out from where it came and to whom to report it.

I know it works because SpamCop. This means that the spammers are getting axed and they are moving on to another ISP. June 4, at 1: July 20, at 3: They even had his first and last names and offered him a monthly subscription. October 4, at 9: My boyfriend use to watch porn, we have had several discussions on how I dont care for it, he agreed that he would not do that any more, that was over a year ago, datinv it still gets sent to his email.

Is there a way we can stop it? October 13, at 7: I have responded to Craigslist personals boyfriend gets emails from dating sites few years ago, but will receive random responses from time to time. July 16, at I saw the history on my boyfriends computer and it was to a porn sight. December 27, at I have always blocked every e mail, my junk box is always full of them.

January 7, at 7: My husband got a text message from flirt. He is usually on the net when everyone is asleep! January 19, at 1: January 19, at 2: September 28, at I found on my husbands messages from porn sites! How can they get his phone number? Spammers have programs which generate random email addresses and phone numbers and send out millions of messages. When they hit a valid address or phone number, the message gets through.

January 8, at August 22, at Thank you for this article! My girlfriend thought I was looking at porn sites because all of a sudden I started receiving a tonne of penis enlargement spam. My e-mail address was relatively spam-free until a couple of months ago. Now I am getting junk every day and I have boyfriend gets emails from dating sites idea why. August 28, at 2: My partner received an email with a link to a porn hook up site. The email was sent to and from the same email address?

August 28, at 3: September 7, at 4: Every time he says his name to people, they have daging insulting smile with their faces. We would like to know why people were so angry with him every time they received the email that comes from him. Although he did not sent any of those emails. Can you help us please. My partner name is Rudolf Emailw and he was so devastated with those spam emails.

Spams ruined his name and his reputation. Every country he visited they already knows him and the spams. I have no idea how it so fast reached to other countries. We really want to know. Can you help us? September 7, at Hi my partner gets alot of spam thats cool, but i have been reading emails he has been getting saying thanks for the reply,when i look at the email there is an original message under the email that says it was sent from my partner then it shows what was said is this spam emailz him actually replying.


Again, no contact though. I found a picture my talented photog friend had taken of me on my 40th birthday, and I was ready to stalk. It only takes a minute to sign up and it's free! I hope thinking about the above points helps you to figure out the truth. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year.