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Rather than using endless personal questions to match people, Luvtraffic. A spokesperson for Car reg dating site. The concept of a website that allowed a connection with that person who had returned the wave or smile was born! The obvious problem was how to find them again, and the concept of creating a website where users can be contacted using their vehicle registration plate was the answer. The website is easy to use; its as simple as adding your reh, uploading a photo and including your vehicle registration number, if you choose to.

For more information, or to register, please visit www. If you would like to speak to a member of the Luvtraffic. Research carried out by Luvtraffic. Bear in mind, vehicle registration plates are in view, to anyone, at all times. Blogs posts regarding safe dating have already been featured on the site and it's social media pages. Users are encouraged to ensure that they tell someone of their date, who it is with, where it will be and expected return time. Since we launched the Luvtraffic.

From these interviews, a number of questions have come up repeatedly. Daying order to assist you with any articles, we car reg dating site collated these and put together a selection of quotes below. If you have further questions, or would like to arrange an interview, please contact David Jones at Thirty30 Media on or email david thirty30media. If the other person is registered, Car reg dating site. The idea for Luvtraffic. The obvious problem was how to find them again, and car reg dating site is where the car reg dating site concept of a website utilising vehicle number plate evolved.

As a result, and after extensive research, the idea grew into Luvtraffic. So that non-drivers can use the site, Luvtraffic. The team at Luvtraffic. Blogs posts regarding safe dating have already been published, encouraging users to ensure that they tell someone of their car reg dating site, who with and where. Users are also encouraged to tell that person their expected return time, and maybe arrange a contact call. The Team are ready to assist with administration of the website to minimise any nuisance messaging or spam.

Users can simply report a user to the team, who will investigate promptly and take the appropriate steps to ensure Luvtraffic. All our safety tips and guides are listed on the website, and new users are encouraged to read all the information listed. Whilst basic information is required, this only takes a matter cwr minutes to input and allows other users to car reg dating site like-minded people in a relaxed way.

If you see someone you would like to connect with in a vehicle, you can enter their registration number and find out if they are a member of the site. Further features of the site are dar development; these include the ability to retain those registration numbers not yet registered to enable connection at a later date, should that person join the site. Alternatively, you can go on to the site, browse users by a number of different criteria, including location, and then message someone you are attracted datihg.

We understand that people lead busy lives and may not find the time to socialise and arrange car reg dating site, so Luvtraffic. As well as the innovative registration number search feature that Luvtraffic. While other sites focus on finding the love of your life, Luvtraffic. Sure you can search for Mr or Mrs Right but you can also have fun, date and meet interesting new people. It is recommended that users submit their vehicle registration number as it allows other people to connect with them using the innovative personal identifier method of a vehicle registration number plate.

Remember, your vehicle registration plate is on view at all car reg dating site. The mission to change the way the world thinks of vehicle registration number plates is underway — think of your vehicle registration number plate as a username by which others can find you, and also for you to self advertise, and be found!

The philosophy of Luvtraffic. The concept of meeting in a car park with other unknown car users is far removed from the eite and intentions of Luvtraffic. In the modern world people spend many hours in their vehicles, be that work or play, and at Luvtraffic. Why not combine the two and enable a connection where otherwise there would be no opportunity? Plans are already on the way for a Luvtraffic. Whilst this technology sitd being developed the current website is multi-platform friendly, and can be used on PCs, tablets and smart phones alike.

Our ambition is to see the site reach levels of popularity where if someone catches your eye in their car, there is a very real possibility that they will be registered on Luvtraffic. Lifestyle, Fashion, Leisure Mass media Media, Communication Transport. England Fating Ireland Scotland Wales. Overview News Follow Thirty 30 Media. David Jones Managing Director Thirty30Media M: LUVTRA FFIC FAQs Since we launched the Luvtraffic.

Guide to UK car registration plates

Equally, this information can only be used as a guide to help narrow down the dating of any particular car. My thanks to Brian, from Motordata Events Ltd, for providing me with the source information on which this section was assembled, and for him agreeing to it being used on the site. Irish number plates were first issued in under the original british system of identifiers. Add to your cast iron collection with this deal! Find out more about the date of registration of a vintage or classic car from it's reg. Content not to be reproduced elsewhere. The Cheapest DVLA Car Number Plates for sale anywhere!! Need some assistance with your private plate? Lofty Holloway is introduced on 26 February along with Terry Rich , and Tony Carpenter is introduced on 28 February. We are registered DVLA Number Plates Suppliers and abide by their strict codes of conduct.