Dating After Menopause

If you are a woman anywhere near 50, you dating after menopause just went through menopause or you are going to go through it within the next five years. How is that going to dating after menopause your sex life? Dating after menopause how will you respond chemically dating after menopause new love affairs and breakups? For many women, datin can be a very emnopause time in their lives.

Some women wrongly think this means a loss of their sexuality, their ability to have sex and their attractiveness to men. Hormones run wild during menopause. For some, menopause feels like being a teenager again, with the same mood swings, tendencies toward bad decision-making and personal insecurities. Dating after menopause hormonal imbalances that occur during menopause may lead to a loss of sexual desire.

In some cases, however, it could increase sexual desire. But eventually, menopause will have some consequences for your sex life. As estrogen declines, the vaginal membrane goes through a thinning that increases vaginal dryness. The decrease in female sex hormones also leads to a decline fater testosterone levels. Testosterone in women is directly related to sexual desire. Despite all this, menopause does not mean the end of your sexuality, your ability to have sex or your attractiveness to men.

Some women decide early on that hormone replacement therapy is right for them. Hormone replacement therapy can be compared to taking birth control pills. In both cases, you control your levels of female hormones medically. Hormone replacement therapy has medical advantages and disadvantages that are worth researching extensively before making a decision about it, but hormone replacement dating after menopause temporarily prevent the loss of sexual desire and vaginal dryness.

Vaginal dryness may still dating after menopause a problem but one that is very easy to deal with. If you are in love with your partner, this too may make a difference. When women fall in love, their bodies will tend to react with sexual desire, regardless of whether menopause has already occurred dating after menopause not. If you think about it, this is in no way strange. Little kids can get sexually aroused. If little kids, who have not gone through puberty, can have sexual desires, then so can women after menopause.

Going daring menopause can affect your moods and emotions. Too little estrogen has been linked to depression, whereas too high levels or fluctuating levels of estrogen have been linked to anxiety. During menopause, when hormones fluctuate wildly, you are likely to have extreme mood swings from depressive moments to levels menopausd extreme anxiety. How does estrogen manage to have these extreme effects on your physical and psychological well-being? The answer to this is simple.

Estrogen affects brain function by binding to estrogen receptors in the brain. Estrogen protects cells against stress and damage. It also helps the brain generate new brain cells. The three neurotransmitters serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine are directly related to mood disorders. When estrogen levels fluctuate wildly, this greatly disturbs these neurotransmitter systems, and you become depressed or anxious. This in turn affects your ability to think rationally.

Estrogen also enhances the blood supply to the brain. Is there anything you can do dating after menopause prevent this, besides estrogen replacement therapy? One way to turn around your estrogen levels after menopause and preserve your cognitive function is free lesbian dating site london consume a diet high in soy. Soy contains significant amounts of chemicals closely related to estrogen estradiol. You can also exercise your brain.

Exercise in general increases blood flow but so do brain exercises. If you engage in activities that require the creation of new pathways in menolause brain, blood flow will increase. Read books, articles and newspapers. Write letters and emails. Solve math and logic puzzles. The fluctuations in chemicals, of course, will determine how you are going to react in new relationships and with respect to breakups. You will be more sensitive than you usually are. So, breakups may feel worse.

You may also fall more desperately in love than you normally would. This by itself could have emotional consequences, especially if the love is unrequited. If you are going through menopause, then, ideally, you should not enter a new dating after menopause relationship. Menopausf you do decide to enter one, be cautious, as your feelings are likely to change after menopause. If you date while going through menopause, make that period your second teen years, meaning go through a period of dating and meeting new people, without getting too close and without getting connected with daing in a deeper way.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Yeah, you are especially vulnerable to these kinds of dating after menopause right after a breakup or divorce. This is SUCH a good post! Most of my clients are in this group. I know in my case, when I divorced my husband, I felt so great. I was thin I lost weight the year before the divorce because of the stress and happy. When men flirted with me, it menooause fantastic.

One menopauae man, a real player in hindsight, really knew how to play my emotions and he did. I loved every minute of it. When that brief encounter not a relationship fell apart, it broke my heart. You are right, it DID feel like a teenage me going through those first puppy love and break up emotions. Thanks for your suggestions about helping with the estrogen depletion. The Breakup Cleanse App Popular Magazine Articles. Sex, Romance and Menopause March 20th, Brit.

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