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How do you feel about college professors dating college students? Position of responsibility over someone still finding their feet turning into a romantic attachment can cause all kinds of problems. It's why it's generally not allowed. I teach at the university level. My undergraduate students are so young and callow that I can't even fathom dating them. And Dzting definitely give the side eye to people in my position or above who would date their undergrads.

Yeah dating professor reddit best friend is a TA at a pretty prestigious school and she's always texting me about the dumb shit kids say in class. Threat to the learning environment for that student and other students. I'm currently enrolled in a PhD program and my friends teach undergrad courses. We would frown heavily upon peers who chose to date students in their classes or undergrads prfoessor the major.

It is not viewed as appropriate. What's so wrong about waiting a few proffssor to date someone? Not a big deal. If you reddt like the professor and the professor really likes you, wait after graduation. I think it's pretty skeevy if they're dating anyone they have direct authority over, though My physics II professor was a sating year old man dating a 19 year old he'd taught a couple of semesters before.

Neither one of them tried to hide it. It squicked me out hard. I really really think it's a bad idea. I'm still just a grad student, and I don't think I would be comfortable dating one of the regular undergrads. Hell there's a guy in my program who dating professor reddit dates the newest female grad students in the department, which was fine at first but has gotten progressively creepier as he progresses. Especially once it became clear that he was targeting them on purpose, datint than it just being a coincidence.

Been there, done that. I was the student in that situation. One of the best decisions of my life, to be quite honest. We started dating only after the grades were in although it was reedit RIGHT afterso no weird power dynamic. There were no rules against it from the university either. As long as there's no chance of being in the classroom together, I'll look the other way. Even then, I would worry about the power aspect the professor brings. I'm not even completely finished with undergrad yet and I'm already so much different as a result of this experience than when I was a freshman.

I can only imagine just how different I'll be after going through the experience of graduate school. While I'm not opposed in the least datnig age gaps, just the huge difference in life stages would make that seem very strange. Eating, they're usually both legally adults, so they have the right to do so If the student has classes with the professor or potentially could at a later timethat reedit be a problem. I don't really find it that weird, unless they were currently in a professor-student relationship.

I had several professors in college who were really young either they were TAs out of grad school, or dating professor reddit professionals who TA'd at night and single and it would not dating professor reddit been that weird if I saw them going out with students after the semester was over. Are we talking professor is actually the teacher of the student? Prkfessor more like, teacher just happens to teach at a school and dates dating professor reddit student and they don't have any academic interactions?

Either way, I'd be more inclined to say no, but in the latter it has a sliiightly less ick factor. Whenever prkfessor person already has significant power dating phoenix arizona another person before dating, it's a datjng bad idea to date. Professors have a lot of power advantages over students: Plus it's against just about every college ethics policy ever. If they don't have a direct relationship; perfectly fine. They're consenting adults who can date whoever they want.

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