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I have been a huge fan of Coast to Coast AM for years. A while back, via their emails, C2C was singing the praises of the Paranormal Date website as a way for C2C listeners to meet other people who are also interested in the Paranormal, UFOs, ETs, etc. I decided to sign up because you could post that you are only looking for friends.

Figured this would be a great way to meet others who enjoy the paranormal. I was a bit stumped by this, but figured well it is a dating site and let it go. Then it happened again, but an entirely different paranormal dating site george noory site. And finally a third time! I was dumbfounded and a bit miffed by this information. My profile was on all 3 of those other dating sites, sites I gworge NOT signed up for. They claim this makes sharing with npory easier.

I consider it fraud! So, my dear friends… if you sign up for Paranormal Date, you are not just signing up for that date site and you will receive messages from people from all of those other date sites. If your intent is to meet people who just enjoy paranormal as you do, that may not be the case. So just prepare yourselves to be bombarded by people with entirely different interests and agendas. If this concerns you, as it has me, I hope you will help spread the word.

Feel free to give out this post to anyone you think might have or may sign up for Paranormal Date. Looking for sex with hot nordic alien for hybrid children …. Your planet or mine. Hello, My name is Robert. Many other words came to mind. My mind, the reason?? I to am a member of the dating site. In listening to George I heard paranormal dating site george noory plug The paranormal dating site so I looked into it and when I found out he started it along with a likeminded friend.

Well I joined… The main reason I joined was because I trusted that only like minded people would be on it, WELL WE ARE!! ALONG WITH THOUSANDS OF OTHERS WHO ARE ALSO BEING LIED TO BY WHATEVER DATING SITE THEY JOINED.!! Think of it like this, every time George plugs his dating site have you noticed how George is always saying how great it is to have thousands of likeminded members…. GEORGE IS MAKING MONEY ON HIS LIE!!! The text is deleted or you can pay for an upgraded membership only to find that you paid to hopefully meet a likeminded person… NOT GONA HAPPEN….

Wow Rob, I read your letter here and I know how you feel. C2C was the reason I joined Paranormal date too. I agree George should be ashamed his dating site is saturated with catfish. He should not be advertising it as like minded people etc. He is as bad as this production. Has anyone investigated Gaiam tv, or David wilcock and Corey Goode of the secret space program? Daring hear about these programs and guests on George noory.

Finding like minded georgw, will not happen on Paranormal Date. Corey is now scheduling end of summer expeditions to inner earth. Hoory him at 1 KARI. George Noory specializes in having every huckster, con artist, liar or cheat on his overnight-radio program. Because no credible media source would put these cheap carnival hacks on their airtime. Because they have to maintain credibility — paranormal dating site george noory least to paranormal dating site george noory degree — which Noory does not.

Lawsuit after lawsuit against NORCOM and GEORGE Paranormal dating site george noory NOORY — and just about anything he was involved in. For cheating people and failure to pay on what was promised. Why Premiere Networks hired him for Coast is beyond me. As some of you may known now. Thank you for your insightful and informative comments, James.

I do appreciate you spreading the word on this fraudulence. Happy to know that my blog post is showing up under Google. Thanks for letting me know. But I care about people and will try. These products are not mean to prevent, treat or cure any type of disease. Further, consider Section of the Communications Act ofas amended, 47 Paraonrmal. I have logged so much nonsense with that criticalhealthnews dot com. It is not, It is, instead, a Youngevity Independent Distributor — according to its URL listed, owned and operated by one Michael L.

Even Wallach implied something is very fishy and scammy going on. This is powerful need-to-know information, James. So thank you for including all of this information here. What in the world? Beorge, boys and men play baseball. Then, as he claimed, threw a wicked fastball that honed his supposedly hitting skills. She pitched overhand like a man? Just look up Harvey S. Lowery High School in Dearborn, Michigan from to No mention of George Noory playing baseball or any sport.

When I emailed him to ask, I got this back when I informed him I failed to fail any evidence that he played any sports: Did u play any sports…. He got caught in lies — then lashes out at those who call him on it. Incredible joory many fools fall for this guy. You either play baseball or do track, George, but not both. I informed the person on the other datting of that email address I consider that a stalking threat that may put me in danger.

It appears that one email address I used has been blocked since. That George Noory may be one unhinged person. The sooner he is off that radio the better the airwaves will be. Get someone truer and better to run that program. Or any other program, paranormal dating site george noory that matter. We know crooks and possibly anti-social people indy dating free we hear or read their words.

If this man paranormal dating site george noory in good faith in business or even personal matters, then George Noory must be right and the rest of the world is wrong, huh? Even a housing lawsuit leveled against his condo home, then a lawsuit against him for that Jaguar car he bought. Looks like he gave people his word and had no issue with lying and even breaching contracts? Then people today feel they might have been ripped off by this huckster?

And now, after reading all of that, I am zite I no longer support him. Thank you for sparing me from disappointment! Thought about signing up If you ever wann talk paranormal you can chat with me! Thanks for posting my tale of woe. My only excuse is that I had never joined any noorg before, but I should have known when I started asking the men there about Paranormal Date and they knew nothing about it!

I agree with the claim of catfishers on the C2C site.

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