Be2 Dating Site Complaints

Most profiles are fraudulent. Never got an answer to my be2 dating site complaints plus emails asking to cancel. Also deleted profile and they re-activated it. This is the most disgusting online dating site I've every encountered Will be leaving bad reviews wherever I can Will have to cancel credit card. Don't waste your money and valuable time Stay away from these fraudsters Not the worse out there but I prefer sites like wejustfit.

IMHO it is one of the best dating sites you will executive dating consultants and my number-two choice after Mingle2day. Seriously don't understand what everyon else is complaining about?! Good search system and busy site. Did have a small issue dafing had to call customer service, was disapointed that it wasnt UK based like the other site I use WeJustFit.

Its better than most sites and not having any problems with scammers so far. Descent enough value for money. Yes I have a question relating to the AREA section of my profile. Port Macquarie was my closest city according to you But my closest cit is Coffs Harbour and I only be2 dating site complaints selections from that area Don't join this site, but if you joined already - don't upgrade your profile, otherwise you'll end up struggling to cancel recurring payments.

Once you create your account with them, you'll get dozens of emails every day and most of them aren't genuine at all. Even after 6 months cancelation they would withdraw the money from your bank accountI have sent them a several times an email asking to cancel my membership, however they be2 dating site complaints taking money absolutely inappropriate unprofessional behaviorlow complaibts robbery. Well until you try to cancel it. Site itself is ok but attracts loads of scams and there are quite a number of fake profiles which will gladly interact be2 dating site complaints you.

Other sites are far better with tracking it down. So, I decided to use up my already be2 dating site complaints membership and then I tried to cancel it, seemingly simple process via thei site by sending be2 dating site complaints request. You think that job is done when it was not. Thinking that all was good I also instructed CC provider aite cancel this reoccurring payment order, which the bank did.

My advice be2 dating site complaints do not leave the cancelation until last minute as I did and keep all such correspondence with them!!! I am now facing debt collection agency and compoaints action threats as they never received my cancelation notice, so they said. Watch out from fake profiles. Cancel in advance before your renewal is due so if there is a problem you have enough time to deal with it. Keep be2 dating site complaints such correspondence with be2, not the suggested comolaints or you have a message.

Wite prepared to deal with robot at the other end. If there will be a problem-it will tell you that you are liable as per your contract with them! This site do not have any contact numbers. If you delete your profile you can not ever then log back viet dating us account home to cancel b2 subscription. You can not cancel you subscription without a code.

Be2 dating site complaints send this and then there is no where on the site to enter a code. They make this impossible to do within the time scale by providing dead end cancellation details. You have to cancel you bank card in order to get rid of them. I tried to register my details and card details for the purposes of gaining some perks on a MMORPG website.

When I tried to register my card details, which I was told would be free for the first 10 days, all attempts failed and I was told that the transaction could not be completed. Please, please heed this warning because this site is nothing but a fraudulant site designed to steal your hard earned money. Now I have to explain to the bank that they have been trying to steal my money under the guise of be2 dating site complaints "Free Trial".

I feel like an idiot. Save yourself the same pain. Please read the reviews, Be2 are excellent scam artists, if you try to cancel your membership they make it impossible and you can never speak to their customer service team directly, just get the same email over and over again. I be2 dating site complaints not writing this because I am an unsatisfied customer who hasn't met someone special, there are lots of other sites who have xating better quality type of member and their cancellation policy is fair.

Beware of Be2, try another site instead. DO NOT TOUCH THIS SITE. They make it impossible for you to cancel your subscription and rob you blind. Clear scam, all 16 people who messaged me ALL had impeccable English and all were flattering. I'm glad I never subscribed. But if you're all looking for a FREE site use freedating. Although the matchmaking lacks to the point for there being none, you only find people on the basis of where they live compared to you, what do you expect, it's free!

I think one star is too much. It is a black hole. Took my money and I actually never managed to see one photo or received a single compatible match. Be2 dating site complaints honestly do not understand how a site like this is still out there. And very poor customer service. I emailed them telling them I had cancelled but all they said was I had a legal contract with them and I would have to pay! Now I keep getting threatening emails about sending the bailiffs round and taking me to court!!

I don't believe they are even based in the UK so how can they? Just a bunch of rip off merchants out to get our money, don't give a monkeys about anything else. They should be ashamed of themselves. I have browsed dating sites before but never joined. I checked on line, be2 was rated in the top I am ready to jump in. I should have checked further to see if you can buy your ad and place it in the top 10, because this site is an ABSOLUTE FRAUD.

After I joined things got strange. I kept getting matches with broken English in their messages yet showing that they hold datihg or doctorate degrees in the profiles. Hmm ok maybe English is a second language for them. Information that I did not provide. Finally the same messages were cut and pasted but with different profile names.

Come on, If you are going to SCAM at least be clever about it. I have only been a member for 3 weeks so I haven't even had to deal with the automatic renewal Cimplaints. This site should be shut down. People - Do Not Waste Your Time or Money Cokplaints This One!!!

Be2 Complaints & Reviews

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