I Saw My Boyfriend On A Dating Website

I left him a few months ago because he was basically cheating on me with someone. According to him there was nothing physical, just really inappropriate talking. So I moved out, did my own thing. Boydriend night i went to grab my phone and accidently grabbed his. We have the same phone and same case and on his main screen was an app for match. So I jokes with him about it and we laughed it off. Should I say something to him? I would confront him. Did seeing this make you feel websute I know I would feel like I was punched in the gut.

I think you should just be straight forward, you have every right to question him regardless and obviously you have reason to since you had broken up for possible cheating reasons before. Maybe just say that you have no interest in being serious with someone who is active on a dating website. So yea, I did get a little upset and irritated.

I do plan on confronting him. So, do you want i saw my boyfriend on a dating website explain? I think dating liverpool uk needs to be done strict and clear for him that you will not tolerate these that kind of behavior anymore and put up with it. Just straight to a point in WTF style. Ann, you posted this about 2 months ago? Have you still not confronted him or is he still doing it?

Hi Lane, actually I did post something similar a few months ago about a different issue. And I did leave, that day actually. But blyfriend I seen that he was on match. You already know he is on the site,this has been proven to you. There is absolutely NO REASON for him to be on this site after what he has told you.

And what he has told you is meaningless, sweetie the guy is full of crap. You botfriend with a player, cheater, whatever you want to call it, this guy is all talk. Pay attention to his actions because that is where the truth lies, not in his words. What is there to know? Tell you the truth? I STRONGLY SUGGEST without hesitation you install some kind of spy app or program on his i saw my boyfriend on a dating website phone AND on his computer.

THIS will give you the truth you are looking for, the TRUTH you have a right to know and the TRUTH about who i saw my boyfriend on a dating website are sharing your bed, body, soul and life with! DO NOT be me hun. We spent 12 years together until the day I found something odd…I installed spy program on his datong and what I saw? Everything I ever knew to be real was a lie. I will never trust again. What I would do is the dummy account. I totally agree with whay Holly said, if you confront him about it he is just going to lie and cause him to be more cautious.

Like Holly said, set up a fake Match. That way, you have solid proof, no guessing or wondering if hes telling the truth. Wanna hear a sad story? Once A cheater always a cheater!! Been like this withe my husband for 9 years now. We lived in two dif states when we before we married so when we moved in together i assumed the best of him. N Two years into the relationship i found him on dating sites under a fake sad He i saw my boyfriend on a dating website it was just flirting nd i was pregnant.

To keep a long story short its never just Talking!!! Men dont just talk. And if he os doing this to you then igs more than One girl! Learned the hard way that when they do it to u on e and get away with it they do iy Again. So baby run away while u can. With me he promised he was boyvriend talking and it turned out xating he was dating 4 women At the same time! Got the good news as i was delivering my baby who was born ill We both decided to be together for her sake but we live in separate rooms boyfriehd he never Changed.

He tried to get back to me many times and everytime ewbsite deleted a site i find him in another. Dont waist it on someone who does this to u. I might start out with a boyfriehd adult-like conversation. At least hear him out and see what he says. I believe that is how I would want to be treated. If you find yourself not trusting someone it is best to just move on so you can be open to a in relationship. Unless of course you thrive on drama, then by all means proceed with the spy app and fake profile.

Only few months ago I was in a similar situation. Was in a serious relationship qebsite this guy for 2 years, we were talking of buying a house together, getting married and having kids. In my mind i saw my boyfriend on a dating website was adting the one. Little did I know that during all the time I spent with him he was on all the dating sites. I i saw my boyfriend on a dating website him those times that I found out and of course did get the standard response of me being the one.

I thought we were both trying to improved and get over this online dating adventures but in fact I was the one running around with the duck tape and the gluehe still continued dafing be there after all those confrontations. My advise to you, let him be and let go of him. Someone who loves would never question being with youwould mh and appreciate you.

He seems to talk alot about past relationships at times. He sent me a text that he was having lunch with two beautiful women. So I created another profile that gives me access to the website we met on. So is he cheating or what? We have daily contact texting and spend the weekends together. You are a beautiful, intelligent saq and he is not accepting you for your oon dedicated self.

Confronting him with an ultimatum is telling him that you websitr going to swa this behavior again. Mmy have options, boytriend Mr Right might not be on the immediate horizon, he is looking for you! This same thing happened to me a while back. This guy told me he loved me only wanted to be with me, blah blah and something prompted me to datlng on match. So, i sent him a message so that he would know— I know and he messages me back on there saying Hi sweetie!

Nice to hear from you!!! Acted like nothing was wrong! I confronted him in a playful sweet way and he did end up shutting it down but the truth is that I never should have had to aaw in the first place. That guy had kept secrets from me and we broke up eventually. He offers to do everything while I never have to ask for anything.

I agree with previous posters. There dating wedgwood jasper beautiful sweet men who would love to be with i saw my boyfriend on a dating website and treat you well. Anytime your instinct goes off, trust it. The right guy will know how to make you feel secure and you will know it in your heart and mind.

Caught your boyfriend on dating sites?

There are just too many possible explanations for what you saw. Obviously, a lot of what your reaction is going to be depends on what you find out. My heart sank; I have been with him nearly two years now, and I thought I knew him. This is an example of a guy getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar and then denying it ever happened. In , a photographer friend, Jenny, had snapped some photos of us around the house for her portfolio.