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Registered in England Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Ruve to the Digital Spy forums. Categories Recent Discussions Best Of Okay I posted an advert on Gumtree a few weeks ago and I got a few responses. The thing is I got areplied back to each one in return telling the girls a wee bit about myself and then NOTHING. Why are women so rude and not bother to reply. They may not be interested?

It's not just women, men do it fating trust me. I have been there. You just need to keep trying, you will catch someone's eye eventually. If you need advice, there is a thread about online dating sites around here somewhere. There might be datihg good advice in it. Maybe online dating is not for you? Luke, have you asked rude dating site what you said in your replies that might have put these rude dating site off? I've never used a dating site, but I'd guess you'd have to be prepared for a large number of knock-backs before you had any success.

Maybe they're a bit like phishing emails: You did say you'd had only a stie responses. I wonder how many people do have much success with dating sites anyway? Maybe there are easier ways to meet women? Luke, it works both ways I'm afraid. It took me a while to realise that if people aren't interested, they don't respond. When I used online dating, I sent out some feelers, and eite lot of guys didn't respond.

Meanwhile, I'm politely replying to those guys that are contacting me, but that I'm not interested in taking further, but wishing them siite and all that. After replying to them, I frequently got reponses asking what was wrong with rude dating site, how superficial was I, how dare Rude dating site not want to be interested. So I stopped responding to those that I wasn't interested. There are some real rudd in the backside on there. Been on dates where everything seems to be going ok and the night ends with "I'll text rude dating site later" I'd rather get a "thanks but no thanks The silence is always rude.

There are some real gems on there. My sister signed up to Match. Paid for a 6 month subscription. Within 2 days of being on the site she had struck up conversation with someone they didn't meet for a month though So it does work for some people. And the guy, her now boyfriend is lovely, they are prefect for each other. My sister was well gutted though that she couldn't get the full 6 months monies worth out of it.

Well, clearly rkde people do strike it lucky, and your sister has obviously been very datinv. As I say, I know nothing about dating sites. How common do you think it is for people to have such success with them? Well Fating I can get some pointers then - here is the reply I am getting - Rude dating site am I Going wrong? Hi Persons Name Many thanks for taking the time to reply to my advert. I am 38 Years old. I work for the Scottish Government in Security which means I am working shifts.

My job is easy and it pays reasonably well but the hours can sometimes be unsociable but I do earn enough money to pay the mortgage on my flat. I am looking forward to this Wednesday and Thursday which I have dite. I have been fating this internet rude dating site thing for a while and I have had a mixed response. Ultimately I am looking for love but if I can meet a girl for friendship than that would be great as rkde.

Anyway what else do you want to know about me.? I have no kids, never been married - I can be shy when you first meet me. Datihg enjoy going to the gym because I am trying to get really fit to dafing some of my beer belly lol. Apart from that I like to go to the cinema and chill out. I am originally from Nottingham and have lived in Edinburgh since Have a good night. I think they are used more often than people care to admit.

The demographics are that alot of people are stuck at home, millions of reasons why, children, money, area, carer, dont know people in the area, dont have friends in the area etc. Some very decent people, but like all its used by the horrible minority which use and abuse and think its funny to lead people on. Liars love it coz they can pretend to be anyone. Shame coz there are alot of nice people about.

I have an idea for you guys It CAN work and i have known it to! I am now happily married and have datimg used internet dating sites but years ago I put an ad in a dating magazine, probably nearly 30 years ago. I was very polite and replied ruve all my responses, daing was a huge mistake. I tried to let people down gently if I was not interested but got some awful replies. I never again opened myself up to that kind of thing again. I know the post went to a PO box address but I got some truly scary responses.

I think some people do not reply to people they are not interested in for fear of offending someone and drawing an ruve response. What do you mean this is the reply you are getting? Is this how you respond to others? Or has someone sent this to you?? Less about work I reckon! Why are you telling people about your mortgage??

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